Smile for a Lifetime

Smile for a Lifetime Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization that provides orthodontic care to individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire assistance. Launched in 2008, Smile for a Lifetime Foundation aims to reach individuals with financial challenges, special situations and orthodontic needs. The Foundation sponsors the orthodontic care of hundreds of patients each year. Smile for a Lifetime Foundation has participating orthodontists throughout the US. Each chapter has its own local Board of Directors who chooses patients to be treated by the Foundation.

Our Mission

At Smile for a Lifetime Foundation, it is our mission to create self-confidence, inspire hope and change the lives of children in our community in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, underserved individual who, in turn, can use this gift to better themselves and our community.

Our Local Chapter

Only one chapter exists in a given county, and Dr. Summers has been granted the charter for Greenville County. Locally launched in 2012, Dr. Summers says, “I have felt led to participate for many reasons, and as fate would have it, we adopted the tagline Smiles For A Lifetime nearly ten years ago, before this organization existed!” At Summers Orthodontics, our team is eager to grant the gift of a smile to deserving children in our county. Our local chapter would not exist without the dedication from our committed board members. Our Board of Directors consists of a diverse group of community leaders who were appointed by the team at Summers Orthodontics. They play a central role in our local chapter, especially when choosing the recipients for the orthodontic scholarship.

Application & Questions

Each candidate must complete the thorough application process and meet all of the eligibility requirements in order to be considered for treatment. Click on the icons below to access the scholarship guidelines and application documents.
Scholarship Guidelines
Application Forms
Community Service

Orthodontic Approval Process

Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) is an international program that provides orthodontic scholarships to children ages 11-18 who normally would not be able to afford treatment. S4L will not charge a fee for the orthodontic treatment – participating orthodontists donate their services, including the cost of one set of retainers once treatment is complete. There is a $20, non-refundable application fee and, if you are approved for treatment, a $480 administrative fee, paid to the national office. All applications need to be completed online at Click on “Apply today” and submit your application. Once your application is received and all needed material is submitted, the S4L national office will contact you within 30 days.


Scholarships are chosen by a local screening committee and the process is competitive. Scholarships are limited and based on financial need, orthodontic need, and a complete and accurate application. Successful applicants will be between the ages of 11 and 18 and have:
  • Family income of no more than (200%) of the federal poverty level.
  • Good dental hygiene practices and received a must have had a dental check-up in the past 6 months.
  • A functional and/or aesthetic need for braces.
  • Enrollment in good standing in school.
  • A positive attitude.
  • Willingness to abide by the treatment plan set forth by the orthodontist.
  • A positive letter of recommendation from one community leader and/or teacher.
If you have any questions, please contact our office by phone or e-mail at: There is no deadline. However, applicants are welcomed and encouraged to resubmit their applications every quarter. It must be noted that neither Dr. Summers nor his orthodontic team chooses the recipients. They have only committed to providing the orthodontic services to the selected candidates. The recipients are chosen by an independent Board of Directors, who in no way provide any bias or influence toward the candidates who are chosen. Applications will be reviewed quarterly, and the ones chosen will be contacted upon selection.